nq half time update 3-19-19

The NQ has reached or is very near the target outlined earlier in the NDX of 7371 making a high 7369.85. We are challenging that high as I write. The NQ came off the early session high with a low of 7373.50 just around yesterdays high of 7379.5. We just broke higher.

Aapl is working off its overbought condition and has been relatively weak while AMZN continues to rip reaching the 1778 area I mentioned before. From 1586 to 1778 in just 8 days. The semis made a new high 107.49 and are currently trading around 107.12 the prior high from 2 days ago. XLK, continues to make new highs at 73.8 but is currently trading at its open levels. IBB is still very quiet and not giving much either way.

The intra day range remains tight with a high of 7406 with a low of 7373.5. I do not see anything compelling setting up this afternoons so far.

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