The morning out-performance of the NQ over the ES continued as I mentioned prior to the FED meeting. The FANG stocks continued their rise with NFLX making a new yearly high. Amazon ripped again to around 1800 ( in 9 days 1586-1800 over 200 points) It rallied 17 days from the DECEMBER LOW FROM 1308-1716 OR 408 POINTS.. SO it rallies in bunches. The NQ took out the old yearly high from yesterday of 7421.25 to a new high of 7458. In the last hour sell off it gave back a good chunk of the gains to close below 7421.25. Also noted that semis (SMH) bios ( IBB) and the XLK did not participate. This was a pure FANG job. The es initially rallied to a high of 2849.25short of the yearly high of 2858.75 ( es) or 2852.25 in the cash ( spx) only to sell-off to close down but off the low made earlier 2817.25. The index in cash held initial support 2812-15 area. My guess is that we test it again! The banks are the story GS from 206+ to 194 in 2 sessions. Its ugly…

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