pre fed morning 3-20-19

The indexes are extended which is clear. There seemed to be breakout failure yesterday – I am not reading much into yet pre fed. It does give reference points to work off.

es- 2858.75 yest high

2829 – yest low

2827.5 weekly low pit

2824 – weekly low GLOBEX

BAND HIGH 60 2847-8

xlf – breakout failure new high 27.10 and broke prior day low with a low of 26.62 with 26.47 8 day below.

smh – helpd up very well 107.49 high.

XLK – has A 76 rsi and riding band up. 73.8 high with 73.16 low. EXTENDED well above 8 day of 72.14.

FXI – down 1% gap fill 44.54.


IYT – terrible – FDX – watch 180.45 march 8th low still above at 184.

xle and CL – crude may have topped out for now, and XLE had failed breakout above 67.9 area to 67.09 ONLY TO REVERSE.

So this morning taking quick trades as everything will change after 2. I will post more pre fed.

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