es/nq review and preview APRIL fool is the bear!

ES followed last weeks closing strength The financials and the transports continued their bounce. The IYT has bounce from last weeks low of 179.55 to today’s high of 191.72 approaching multiple week high of 192.26. The XLF has bounced from a low of 25.05 to today’s high of 26.26 with the 200 day of 26.62 right above. Still below the yearly high of 27.10. The ES made a new year high above 2866 with a 2873.5 print. The cash high was 2860.31. Today’s high was 2869.4. The NQ continued it bullish move as well. It was a little heavier and tested the key support level of 7447.50 as mentioned in the premarket note. It held 7445 and rallied the rest of the day. The NQ is slightly shy off of its yearly high of 7544.75 or the cash high of 7505.41. There is still a lot of week ahead but all looks good for the bull to continue.

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