BREAKOUT – 4-02-19

The ES made new highs above the prior high of 2866. Transports and bank lead. The NQ is just shy of a new high 7537.25-7544.75 ( globex or day only) NDX its 7505.41. So far this morning we are at 7512. The push would need find new highs in semis (SMH) 110.6, XLK 75.25 ( right there now). Aapl can get some legs above 191.68 and 192.88.

I am thinking that nq will take leadership today and possibly;y reach new highs. I think that the es might lag and there might be a trading short. There is an upside target 2886-7. This is within the context of a clear bull move.


SMH – 110.6 is the high

XLF – has the 200 above at 26.62 and prior high of 27.10

IWM- is still below 200 and prior highs. 200 and bollinger band on daily is around 157. The high is 159.5 this year.

IYT – has had a big move from 179.55 to 191.72. The multiple week high is 192.26

JPM – 108 OR 102.

amzn – 1823.74 new high

nflx room to new high 379 or back to 358?

Stay flexible – the trend is clear… so be careful with countertrend trades

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