ES is making new highs for the year and the NQ is right near. We are in areas of res and targets so there might be a counter trend set up.


IWM – is still below the year high 159.5 as well as 200 day. The levels to watch 1s 156.53 and then 157.2 area.

CL AND XLE- crude is coming of year high of 62.99. 61 area is support. The XLE still below the breakout are of 67.42. I needs to get above small res at 67.22 first. Needs to hold 65.61.

XLF – is gapping neat yesterday high just above the 200. The year high is 27.10. This ETF has a a big move down and big move back in just a couple of weeks. Can GS get above pivot 206.45, JPM 106.36 and then 108.45 area.

SMH- been a monster. Needs to hold GAP above 110.56. NEXT PIVOT ABOVE 112.5 IS 114.55.

XLK – also a monster 76.25 is the high and needs to hold 75.11.

IBB – trying to get legs above 113.94. Needs to hold 111.98. 1115-116.25 is the prior highs.

IYT – hanging in strong after big move from 179.55 to 193 area.


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