Dull and bullish 4-08-19 review and preview

The ES and NQ had a minor pullback in the first hour and from there went up slowly throughout the day. The NQ lead by AAPL and AMZN which both are still have room to get back to all time highs. The XLF – financials stayed strong, as well as the IYT transports. I believe the next leg needs to be carried by FANG and BANKS so I will be watching them closely. The semis SMH is right near its all time high of 114.55. The XLK is right there. I expect the bios to wake up an approach the old high of 116.25 and still well off its all time high of 122.97. I also will be watching to see how the market is acting if it gets to my targets for possible short day trade in the futures.

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