The ES tested again the year high per open of 2900 and gain failed to get through. Even with that failure it barely dropped.. bottoming at 2885.25 so its difficult to read much into it at this point. The NQ has been making new highs in the past 2 days and reached one of my my upside targets. The new high brought out selling to see the NQ drop to a low of 7601.5. However, the SMH, and XLK held up fine. AAPL , FB , were strong early on but faded as the day went. Goog, and Nflx statyed up most of the day. The banks stayed strong, but earnings will be the story there. I am not going to read too much into todays action. Just trying to make some small scalps for cash flow until something better sets up. Also crude finally saw some selling as well.

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