How the tells gave an entry this morning.

At 9 am this nq had a low of 7669.75 with the ES had a low of 2899. At 9.40 the ES retested that low of 2899 while the NQ had a higher low of 7671 and again at 9;40 at 7272.75. Key stocks like AAPL, FB and NFLX continued to get stronger with the SMH working off a bottom of 116.8. In this low vol environment combined with a strong uptrend this divergence was enough to get a long trade on. NQ continues to lead today with the year high just above of 7733.50. The ES high is 2923.5 which isn’t far away either.

While I have an upside target of 3100 in the SPX and 8191 in the NDX I take one set up to the next as I know the time frame I am focused on.

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