Despite the AAPL bump the NQ is till below its high from last week 7879.50 ATH . The ES is making new all time highs again this morning. I do not have a great feel this morning so I will be careful before doing anything.


IWM – will it retest the 159.6 high or take out the 156.96 low yesterday?

CL and XLE – will crude break above 66.6 or below 62.28? will the XLE BREAK ABOVE 66.85 OR CONTINUE THE WEAKNESS below 65.54.

XLF – had an inside day pre fed. 28.13 would lead to 28.35 test with a break of 27.73 lead to a test of 27.57.

IYT – showing weakness breaking the 21 day on the daily. Lets see if 192.63 holds.

SMH- no longer overbought. held the 21 day well and might test 119.2 area on the upside

The XLK is still overbought and holds the 8 day well. Still room to BB high at 79.65 area.

The IBB is having a tough time finding legs 107.96 is res with upper support 105.3.

XLV – has had a good bounce 90.44 is 200 day above.

will be back pre fed

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