Vol is here!

Many indexes and stocks are at bollinger band lows on daily. Some near the 21 day and other closer to the 50. Bottom line is that there is support showing up where there can be long trades as well as res levels higher. The theme is to take one set up to the next and be tactical.


IWM – not a focus but needs to hold 156.25 area

CL 60 OR 63 . has been in a tight range. number at 10.30 XLE LOW YEST 62.94 WITH HIGH OF 63.8

XLF – 27.23 was yl and there is an open gap at 26.75 to watch.

SMH – the key further support is 190.82. YL could be a spot to watch 111.76. We are there premarket.

XLK – 75.85 yh with 74.83 yest low

IBB 108.45 would lead to 109 plus – 104.8 would need to hold

XLV -90.36 was high near 200 day w 88.36 low

will be watching yesterdays lows in all to see if they hold for a potential long scalp in the morning

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