About BalsamTrades.com

BalsamTrades.com is a site that covers the technical and quantitative work I do on daily basis. My analysis uses a variety of methods to come up with the trade set ups I use to trade. The more you follow the better you can see the logic, method and parameters for the set ups. Training and developing traders is something I have done most of my career. Helping others succeed is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things I have ever done.

I have been trading for over 20 years. While I can not say I have always made money, I can say that I have made much more than I have lost and have kept it as well. Unlike most professions the market doesn’t give you credit for experience. If you are a sports fan its like saying there aren’t any home court benefits or calls going your way because your name in Michael Jordan or Lebron James. The market simply doesn’t care. Throughout my career I have had to adapt, grow and expand what I do to succeed. You need to be passionate,humble, incredibly disciplined, adaptive and have tools and a method that works just to have a chance.

Join the journey with me,

Stephen Balsam